How to hook up a fuel return line

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Sep 17, 2018 · “When plumbers neglect to hook up a condensate line, the condensate can run down into the heat exchanger and burner assembly areas, which may reduce the life of the heater from 20-plus years down to four to five,” cautions Ed Clark, master plumber and owner/operator of Tankless Concepts in Falls Church, Virginia. 4.
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Feb 07, 2012 · (figure 18), hook up the air intake to the turbo, reattach the air filter, Reinstall engine nameplate, and hook up the batteries. Note: Double check all of the connections, fuel lines, and junction block to the injection pump before starting the truck. (figure 18) Thank you for your continued business with Industrial Injection Services. We look
If the fuel pump doesn't have a 1/4" return nipple, you can cap the 1/4" nipples on the senders. The selector valve you need, 3-port vs 6-port, will depend on whether you are using the 1/4" fuel return to the tanks. Only the supply lines route through a 3-port selector valve. K-Line Trains. Check out our enormous selection of K-Line trains! Now part of the Lionel brand, these K-Line choices are 100%-Lionel compatible. Here at Trainz, we carry both older K-Line pieces as well and the current K-Line product line of locomotives, cars, and accessories.
Feb 14, 2017 · I used to take out the breather which is a 1/4" BSP fitting and screw in a fitting to take an air hose. Then remove the return line and plug it's entry into the fuel tank. Pressurise the tank at about 2 psi until fuel is pouring out the return line. Ozdriver, Feb 14, 2017 Mar 15, 2012 · This fuel rail is indentified by no vacuum line. If the pcm is already set up for this, then don't change anything (stock engine). If you go with a return system, which is identified by a vacuum operated fuel pressure regulator and dual lines on the fuel rail, then the fuel pressure rate will be constant, regardless of engine load. Comments: Comments: I have a 1982 Porsche CS but engine does not fire up. I opened the injector line there is no fuel going out. Spark plugs are ok, it has good sparks. The main pump is running fine. I checked the current/electricity at the fuel distributor and there is current.
Remove this heat shield to gain access to the three fuel related rubber lines. 9. First, remove the line going to the vapor canister by using a pair of pliers to relive pressure on the spring clamp. Then, loosen the hose clamps holding the feed and return lines on. 10. Next, you have to divorce the rubber line from the steel line. jeremy fountainthemowermedic1mail and business inquires [email protected]:// Prime engine by opening up throttle to full and blocking exhaust with finger. With blocked exhaust, rotate engine until fuel just enter's the carb-watch fuel line to see fuel displacing the air in the fuel line. Remember the following rules about needles: 1. Low end needle affects the mixture below 1/2 throttle for most engines.
The switch in the cab changes a valve that selects which fuel line (and fuel pump), the line and pump from the stock tank or the line and pump from from the refuel tank. The refuel tank is not gravity feed - it has a pump that pumps the fuel up out of the tank and into the fuel line to the engine. Up to 25% Off. Select Outdoor Power Equipment. $119. Was $159. Kobalt® 40-Volt MAX 15-in Straight Cordless String Trimmer. Starting at $399. EGO Mowers. Up to 20% Off . Dec 23, 2015 · Reattach the fuel line at the petcock valve. (Most folks cut the fuel line and add a new hose clamp.) Figure 15. If you choose, put some silicon in this boot to ensure an air-tight seal. It takes a few hours to set up properly. Figure 16. When the carburetor is back in position, don't forget to reattach the throttle cables, fuel line and choke nut.
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