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Since we do not test on Lenovo products, no, not a known issue. Because the monitor works directly on the laptop, the monitor is functioning. Open the monitor OSD (On Screen Display) -Display and set MST to Off. Do you then a get a picture when connected to the dock?
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If your second monitor is not detected on Windows 10, even though you know the monitor itself works fine and the video output it's connected to is fine, don't give up hope. Usually it's a driver problem, it should be very easy to fix.Read on to find out how… 4 Fixes for 'second monitor not detected': If your video driver is out of date, incorrect or faulty, Windows 10 (and Windows ...
Computers are commonly unable to detect the second monitor due to faulty, outdated, or corrupted video drivers. If this is the case, the Windows operating system is unable to extend the desktop by using the second display. The article below addresses the problem of a second monitor not being detected and describes some possible fixes.
I am running Windows 10 on a Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga and my second monitor (connected through ThinkPad OneDock into the monitor with DVI) Previously on Windows 8.1 the monitor was working perfectly with no problems, I have tried restarting the monitor and reconnecting it, making sure it was plugged in properly and I reinstalled the Intel graphics drivers off Lenovo's website.Lenovo Docking Station Monitors Not Detected. By Tiara Maulid September 4, 2018. ... How to fix second monitor not detected on windows 10 central your work from home hardware dilemma desktop or laptop with lenovo munity t480 user optiplex thinkpad docking station 2nd monitor too dell munity.Second port doesn't seem to be broken since it connects CD/DVD ODD just fine, but I will contact Lenovo support to check if there is any special setup that I have to do. Thank you for your reply! The disk is detected but it's not even listed as a blank volume, you can't select it there.I'm running Ubuntu 18.04. I use two 1080p external monitors one connected to the HDMI port and one connected through a USB-C hub. All 3 monitors worked before installing the Nvidia driver. I installed the 440 driver and after that the laptop would not recognize the monitor connected via the HDMI port. It was like the HDMI port didn't work any more.
Jul 13, 2019 · Interestingly, Lenovo has decided to keep the apparently successful design for the Legion Y540. However, now, it pairs it with a significantly more powerful graphics cards – the RTX 2060 or the GTX 1660 Ti (pretty much the same GPU with the RTX 2060 featuring ray-tracing units, that are not found on the GTX 1660 Ti). I have my Acer Monitor (G277HL) linked to my Acer Laptop (VN7-592G-79KR) via HDMI cable. I have no problem with it until recently, the external monitor is only able to display if my acer laptop is being charged. If my laptop is not charging, my external monitor won't be detected by the laptop.
Try unplugging the monitors in the order displayed in the Advanced Display Settings window. Plug them back in afterwards. After a few attempts, the auto-detect could find the 3rd monitor. 2. Change the display settings in the Control Panel. Many users reported having one monitor disconnected. To change the monitor's status you need to follow ...FIX-Windows 10 Not Detecting Second Monitor - Extend display solution 2019second monitor not detected windows 10Setting up a multi-screen display in Windows ...
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